How to Protect Yourself from Killer Computers

From the Post Office Scandal to Artificial Intelligence

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Catastrophic computer failures have led to aircraft entering ‘death dives’, fatal car crashes and killer radiation overdoses in hospitals. Advances in Artificial Intelligence and the UK Post Office Horizon IT scandal have further raised public concern, as an ongoing, previously unreported scandal involving TV Licensing appears to be unfolding.

Computer scientist, Dr Junade Ali, peels back the layers of cover-up, negligence and wrongdoing to uncover how killer computers are born and how everyone can protect themselves.

“Three quarters of software engineers reporting wrongdoing in their workplace have faced some kind of retaliation”
- The Register

“Junade Ali's research has also found basic problems shared across various sectors.”
- The Independent

“Through the years, Ali became adept at not only software engineering but understanding how software engineers work. In addition to developer burnout, he’s focused on quality, continuous improvement and psychological safety in the workplace.”
- EE Times

“His many contributions to IT security include developing cyber security techniques that have been adopted in products built by Apple and Google, and developing software to help de-escalate cyber warfare situations.”
- Computer Weekly

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