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How we work

Engprax leverages proprietary tools and techniques in conducting our audits, investigations and consultancy work. At our disposal, we leverage a large network of remarkable people with remarkable backgrounds. Whether doing due diligence on a key hire or auditing a software system, this broad skillset allows us to gather meaningful insights in environments where others struggle.

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Dr Junade Ali CEng FIET

Engprax's CEO is Dr Junade Ali CEng FIET. Dr Ali is one of a rare set of individuals who has terminal regulatory status with the UK engineering regulator, a computer science PhD and real-world experience building systems that are used billions of times regularly. This extensive skillset provides an unparalleled level of assurance on the work of where Dr Ali serves as Principal Investigator or is a professional witness.

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Company news

268% Higher Failure Rates for Agile Software Projects, Study Finds
June 4, 2024
The Agile Manifesto has existed for over 21 years now, yet there remains a gap in empirical research as to the actual impact of its values on the industry despite recent research finding 81% of business decision-makers in the UK and 89% in the USA are concerned about on-time delivery of software projects in their organisations.
New IT Scandal Revealed in New Book on Killer Computers
April 8, 2024
Today, a new book ‘How to Protect Yourself from Killer Computers’ has revealed a number of catastrophic computer failures, including a new unreported scandal and new details on the Horizon IT scandal. The book will also provide advice to the public on how they can protect themselves from ‘killer computers’ alongside explaining how such issues can be prevented.
Public Research - 2024
April 1, 2024
A summary of public research work which Engprax has supported in 2024, with coverage including Forbes, TechCrunch and the Wall Street Journal.
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