Impact Engineering

Transforming Beyond Agile Project Management

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About Book:

"Best Seller" - The controversial business novel that dared to question Agile's "cult following."

"This has touched a nerve" - The Register

Despite Agile's dominance in software development, 81% of UK and 89% of US business leaders are concerned about the timely delivery of projects. The success rates for transformation initiatives are alarming, with 96% of Agile transformations and 70% of digital transformations failing. Just 10% of companies that enter restructuring survive the process.

Personal transformation success is also exceedingly rare, with only 7.5% of smokers successfully quitting despite 55% attempting to quit each year and just 1.8% of obese individuals maintaining a modest 5% weight loss over five years.

Enter “Impact Engineering,” a groundbreaking methodology that reduces Agile project failure rates by an astounding 6.5x and offers psychologically proven strategies for successful personal and business transformations. Presented in the engaging format of a business novel, this book uses extensive case studies and rigorous research to revolutionise the approach to failing projects and catalyse meaningful change.

“Through the years, Ali became adept at not only software engineering but understanding how software engineers work. In addition to developer burnout, he’s focused on quality, continuous improvement and psychological safety in the workplace.” - EE Times

"... technology and cyber security expert Junade Ali [...] found the vast majority of business leaders consider on-time delivery of software to be essential, but are concerned about it at work."- Computer Weekly

“Leaders that fail to deal with such failures transparently leave their organisations vulnerable to existential risk.” - Forbes

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